Adrianus and Malta

Dr. Adrianus Koster (Rotterdam, 1945)  is a graduate of the State University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, where he earned a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology. As a graduate student he became interested in Malta, where he has been carrying out fieldwork on politics and religion between 1973 and 1991 and became a keen collector of Melitensia. He must have spent in all more than three years of his life in Malta, mostly in his beloved village of Marsascala. He was inspired and coached during the early years of his research by the late Onno Gorissen, M.L., a constitutional lawyer and Vice President of the Research Department of the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, who died in 1981.

Since his graduation in 1971 he has been a member of the departments of Social Anthropology and Political Science of the Free University, Amsterdam. He retired in 2008 as research fellow / associate professor. In 1981 he obtained the doctorate in Social Sciences with the dissertation Prelates and Politics in Malta, Changing Power-balances between Church and State in a Mediterranean Island Fortress (1800-1976), which was published in 1984. He co-authored with the American historian Professor Harrison Smith the two volumes of Lord Strickland, Servant of the Crown (1984/1986).

In the seventies of the previous century Dr. Koster was invited by the Rev. Professor Peter Serracino Inglott to give a series of lectures in Religious Anthropology at the University of Malta. In the eighties to gave some talks to University students about his studies on Malta.

Dr. Koster gave papers on Malta during several international conferences and published in leading historical, anthropological and political sciences journals and academic books. Furthermore he wrote articles on Malta, including many book reviews, in newspapers, encyclopaedias and encyclopaedic yearbooks. He brought several groups of Dutch tourists to Malta on cultural tours and is the author of a tourist guide booklet on Malta, which was published in Dutch and in German.

In appreciation for Dr. Koster’s love for Malta he was officially received at the Palace by the  Presidents of the Republic Miss Agatha Barabara, Dr. Vincent Tabone, Dr. Guido DeMarco, Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami and George Vella. He was also received at the Auberge de Castille by the Prime Ministers Dr. Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici, Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami (several times) and Dr. Alfred Sant. The Archbishops Mgr. Michael Gonzi and Mgr. Guiseppe Mercieca received him at the Curia. At the suggestion of the Nuncio in the Netherlands, Mgr (later Cardinal) Edward Cassidy he was allowed to present his books on Malta at the Vatican to the late Pope John Paul II.

In 2006 Adrianus Koster donated the greater part of his collection of Melitensia to the Maltese Embassy in the Hague in the presence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Michael Frendo.

Dr. Koster also published a bestselling book in Dutch about the political career of the former Dutch Prime Minister Andreas van Agt and wrote a book on former Dutch minister Rita Verdonk. He retired as a City Councillor of Haarlemmermeer (144.000 inhabitants), Leader of the Christian Democrat councillors, Leader of the Opposition and Second Vice Chairman of the Council. He was elected Local ‘Politician of the Year 2005’ and scored very well in the successive elections (number three in 2006 and 2008).

Publications on Malta

Main Publications

as author

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as co-author

1984      Lord Strickland, Servant of the Crown Vol. I by Harrison Smith and Adrianus Koster; 402 pp. Malta: Progress Press.

1986      Lord Strickland, Servant of the Crown Vol. II by Harrison Smith and Adrianus Koster; 310 pp.Malta: Progress Press.

as editor/revisor

1983      Lord Strickland, Servant of the Crown by Harrison Smith; 524 pp. Amsterdam: Scholars’ Edition.

Congress and Conference Papers, Lectures

1979      The Kappillani: The Changing Position of the Parish Priest in Malta. Amsterdam.

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1982      Church and State Intervention in Feasts and Rituals in Independent Malta. Mexico City.

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1990      The Malta-Vatican Imbroglio. Malta’s Relations with the Holy See in Postcolonial Times (since 1964).

1990      Our Lady of Consecration – A New Titular for Malta?

Popular Publications


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Hoofddorpse Courant

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Katholiek Nieuwsblad

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Geachte Agent (KLM)

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Marketing Highlights ‑ KLM Marketing News

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Book Reviews

Economic and Social Studies

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Bijdragen tot de Taal‑, Land‑ en Volkenkunde

1981      (137: 182‑183) Mario Vassallo, From Lordship to Stewardship, Religion and Social Change in Malta.

In Memoriam

The Sunday Times (Malta)

1985      I remember Mgr. Cardinale

1988      I remember Archbishop Gonzi.

1989      (January 1) I remember Mabel Strickland.

Other publicaties

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