Dr. Censu Tabone

(originally posted on Facebook, 2nd May 2023)

Later on I will tell more about my meetings in Parliament with Maltese politicians of both political parties. Here I would like to share already a funny story. One of the people I met was Dr. Censu Tabone (1913-2012), deputy leader of the Opposition.

As he had to leave me soon for a debate in the House he invited me to his residence. The appointment was at 20.00. This gave me ample time to have dinner first with my family at the usual Dutch time of 18.00.

After I arrived Dr. Tabone offered me a drink and at 21.00 invited me to dinner. I tried to explain in vain that I already had my dinner and was expected to eat a huge plate of spaghetti. After I had finally managed this I could not escape another plate with potatoes, meat and vegetables and finally a very sweet dessert. My belly ached!


We kept in touch and many years later Dr. Tabone became President of the Republic of Malta. He invited me to the Palace where I received a VIP treatment. He reminded me of that visit and said that I did not look very happy when I left. At last I was able to clarify why and we had a good laugh about it together.

I still have sweet memories about this well loved eye doctor and politician. After he stepped down as President I was able to visit him again at his residence. He died at the venerable age of 98. When I pass his statue in Balluta I respectfully greet him.

NOTE: Dr. Tabone was not the first President of Malta who received me at the Palace. That was Miss Agatha Barbara. The last one was the present President Mr. George Vella last year. To make the list complete I was also received by Dr. Guido de Marco and dr. Eddie Fenech Adami. I am proud of this.